So, this weekend I again did not have any time to do a craft. Since it was Easter I mostly helped my mom cook the food and hide eggs for my five-year-old nephew to hunt. But I guess you could kind of say I got crafty because every year my mom and I make an bunny cake and I think this years bunny cake topped last years! I seemed to have a sweet tooth this weekend, so I also made calico meringues. So even though I’m not posting a craft how to, I hope you enjoy pictures of my desserts I made!




Homemade Note Pad Holder


Have you ever had a gift giving occasion that required a homemade gift? Well, if you have and you’re not the best when it comes to crafts, then I have the easy craft for you. For the homemade note pad holder you will need a clear 7 inch by 5 inch picture frame, some scrapbook paper and either small foam or wooden letters (with the wooden letters you would also need paint). You will cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. Then, you will need a hot glue gun to glue on your note pad. I usually use Post Its. Glue the note pad to one side so that way you can use the other side to spell out a name or message out of the foam or wooden letters. If you don’t want us letters to decorate that side, then you could put a small wallet sized photo on that side. This is a quick and easy project! Plus, everyone uses note pads, so this won’t just be one of those gifts that will be “junk”. 

Hint: If you run out of Post Its you can peel off what’s left of it and glue on another note pad. It definitely can be reusable!

Check back later for a video to see how my homemade note pad holder turned out. 

“Designer Easter Eggs”


With Easter right around the corner and a website report for a nutrition class due in a few days, I decided to check out and found a webpage where they showed cute tips to decorate Easter eggs. They called them “Designer Easter Eggs.” If you are looking for something fun to do with kids or friends in preparation for Easter and are tired of the regular dyed Easter eggs, then this article is for you! Check out the “Designer Easter Eggs”