Here are a few crafting tips to make your hobby a bit easier and cheaper!

  1. Whenever you find a neat craft that you would like to try sometime in the future if it’s in a magazine then tear out the page or make a copy and save it in a folder for later. Same with one you find online print it out and save it for a rainy day.
  2. Get resourceful. Rinse out old cans, and neat shaped bottles. They can make cool vases, pin/pencil holders or anything else creative. Plus you can save some money that way.
  3. You can make a cool scarf like the sashay scarf I did previously using ribbon yarn and the same technique (Pictures and video on how to do this to come later).
  4. Use site like Pinterest and StumbleUpon to get some new ideas to get crafty. StumbleUpon is my new obsession. You can find other blogs, articles, videos, and more about how to get crafty.
  5. Have fun with it. If you don’t have the time or are not having fun then don’t craft for that day because you will never be happy with the end result. Only craft when you are in the mood. Use it as a way to de-stress from the world for a bit.
  6. Divid your time. If you volunteer to make a craft for an event or as a gift don’t always try to finish it all at once. That can get tedious. When I’m making scarves I like to watch TV and crochet a little during the commercials.

To find out more tips, make sure you keep checking back. Also more projects with pictures and videos are coming soon!


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