Homemade Note Pad Holder


Have you ever had a gift giving occasion that required a homemade gift? Well, if you have and you’re not the best when it comes to crafts, then I have the easy craft for you. For the homemade note pad holder you will need a clear 7 inch by 5 inch picture frame, some scrapbook paper and either small foam or wooden letters (with the wooden letters you would also need paint). You will cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. Then, you will need a hot glue gun to glue on your note pad. I usually use Post Its. Glue the note pad to one side so that way you can use the other side to spell out a name or message out of the foam or wooden letters. If you don’t want us letters to decorate that side, then you could put a small wallet sized photo on that side. This is a quick and easy project! Plus, everyone uses note pads, so this won’t just be one of those gifts that will be “junk”. 

Hint: If you run out of Post Its you can peel off what’s left of it and glue on another note pad. It definitely can be reusable!

Check back later for a video to see how my homemade note pad holder turned out. 


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